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Weekly Haul 26/6/16

During the summer season you do find that the good stuff starts drying up in charity shops. I have still found a few interesting items, but I have had to get some from other places.

I’ll start with three video games I bought in charity shops this week. The first I bought in Exeter. When I saw this game for 99p I thought it seemed like a good purchase. Stupidly I seemed to think that SEGA PC meant it was for a computer made by SEGA. All it does mean is that it is a SEGA made pc game. Probably worth £3 at best as it was sealed. Sega Marine Fishing wasn’t a good catch for me.

Deep Marine Fishing

The second game was bought in Exeter too. It was in amongst some pretty rubbish games that have been there for weeks. I still checked the box of games and found Little Big Planet for the PSP for only 99p. I have been buying some PSP games recently, with little success. I still bought the game though. It was funny because the man at the desk of the shop thought it was cheap. He told me I could buy one up the road for a lot more. Sadly, I can’t sell it for a lot more. Potentially £2.50 on eBay with only 70p from CEX.

Little Big Planet PSP

The last game was bought in the Red Cross shop in Crediton. When finding games in charity shops it is quite rare to find what I would call AA or AAA Wii games. I would call the Nintendo game for the Wii the AAA titles and the AA are the ones based on other big franchises. Any other game I would call shovelware. Anyway, I saw the AA title Nights: Journey of Dreams for £2 thinking it would be worth a bit more. It is a popular franchise and made by SEGA. Again, it wasn’t worth much more than what I paid for it, only about £3 – £5. The dreams turned into a nightmare.

Nights Journey of Dreams Wii

The last charity shop purchase was in Exeter too. There is one shop in Exeter that is a long walk away from other shops. Sometimes I don’t even bother popping down for a look. I did this week, however, and found a paper wallet for 99p. I have started to learn about these paper wallets , that go by the name of Mighty Wallets, since watching Youtube videos of Lootcrates. Lootcrate tend to put one in a box every other month these days. The one I bought has pictures of animals in clothes on. I did think I might use it, but when I found it worth around a tenner, I decided to sell it.

Mighty Wallet

The next lot of items were bought in a market in Tiverton. Me and my dad attend this market every Monday morning when we have to man the stall at Watchet. You can often find good items at markets, and you can haggle with the owners. I found these four 8-track tapes for £1 each. The 8-track is an old music format that made many improvements on the classic cassette. I managed to buy 8-tracks of Elton John, Glenn Miller, The Shadows and the Beatles. I reckon I could get a fiver each, if not a bit more for the Beatles one.

8 Tracks

The last item was the most interesting for me. I was wandering around our pitch at the Vintage Trading Company in Exeter Marsh Barton, and saw this big Lego minifigure head peeking out of someone else’s pitch. I looked at the price on the ticket, and then the value of them online and immediately took it to the front desk to buy for £8. I think I will sell it for around £20 at Watchet where Lego is sold. I could get the same price on eBay, but selling it at a pitch is much easier.

Lego Head Storage

  • Dollar Flipper

    That Sega game is awesome!! I had the same one for Sega Dreamcast that I had bought in a lot. It had a controller that was shaped like a fishing rod which you would real. I had a couple days worth of fun play. 🙂

    Have you tried selling any of the games on Amazon? I’ve had a lot of luck doing that, plus it’s super easy to list.

    • Flips and Flops

      I’ve never sold on Amazon. I really ought to give it a go. I think my cousin had a bass fishing game for the Dreamcast. I think the nostalgia made me buy this one.