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Weekly Haul 19/6/16

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have a one word excuse – football. Anyhow here are the five different items I have bought this week.

The first item I bought was Donkey Konga with the bongos. I bought this in Wellington and was pleased to only pay £2. They were boxed and had the game with them too. I have already had £2 worth of fun out of them banging away trying to get a high score. CEX would give me £1.80 for them, but I could get £8 out of them on eBay.

Donkey Kong Konga Bongos

The next item may seem a bit hypocritical to my friends. I rag on them for having an Xbox over the vastly superior Nintendo consoles. This week though, I bit he bullet and bought an Xbox 360. Just for testing games, not for pleasure as I told my friends. I bought it off eBay for £20 which I thought was a good price. The listing did say it was faulty, as the disk drawer would not open. I managed to fix this easily so that was good. It also came with a game that unfortunately didn’t work. I was banking on the game to be able trade in for £8 making the Xbox cost me only £12. I could sell the Xbox for around £25 so I wouldn’t lose money on it, but I wanted it for testing games anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Xbox 360

The last three items were all bought on one successful shopping trip around my local town of Tiverton. The first item I bought was the classic board game Carcassonne. I have bought this game once before and done well with it. I actually own a copy too that gets pulled out for a game once in a while. I bought this for £1.99! This game doesn’t have the river expansion, which makes it less slightly desirable, but should still be worth £15 – £20 on eBay.

Carcassonne Board Game

This next item was just for me. I am a massive fan of Robot Wars and recently bought a large remote controlled Sir Killalot. So when I saw a miniature version of Sir Killalot I had to buy it. After looking it up it isn’t worth any more than I paid for it, which was £1.50. It will no doubt just end up on my shelf.

Sir Killalot Toy

The final item I bought this week was a Transformers Bumblebee helmet. I have never watched any of the Transformers so I had to get a friend confirm it was Bumblebee. I got this great helmet for £3.50 and have put it out for sale at Watchet for £15. Character helmets are always popular as kids use them as play items, while adults use them for cosplay.

Bumble Bee Transformers Helmet


  • Dollar Flipper

    Carcassone might be one of my best garage sale finds… and I didn’t even sell it! I bought it for $1. I had wanted this game for YEARS before I found it, so it was a great find. I asked if they had any more games like this (they were selling some of their sons stuff) but no go. I wish I had time to play all the awesome board games that are out there.