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Guide: Valuable Lego Minifigures

Lets be honest, the best thing about Lego sets are the minifigures. Am I right? Minifigures are small, and come in a variety of different kinds; they can also be customised. Lego minifigures are incredibly easy to collect as they are easy to store and don’t take up much room. They are also collected by fans of the various licenses Lego have used in the past. For these reasons it is obvious why there are some really valuable Lego minifigures. In this post I hope to point out some hidden gems in your Lego collection that could make a pretty penny.

Lego Store UK Exclusives

When some Lego stores opened up in UK locations they created custom minifigures of famous people from that area. These were exclusive to the particular shops and therefore very rare. These are the sets with celebrities, as there are other sets like these with generic figures in them.

Beatles – Liverpool Exclusive

Lego Beatles

Worth Around £250

Oasis – Manchester Exclusive

Lego Oasis Manchester

Around £100 to £200

Ant & Dec + Cheryl Cole (Fernandez-Versini) – Newcastle Exclusive

lego newcastle cheryl cole ant and dec

£75 to £130

Collectable Minifigure Series

Since 2010 Lego have been releasing a new series of 16 figures that are all collectable in their own right. Since the first series they have gained popularity, so much so, that people are willing to spend a pretty penny so they can collect them all, especially the earlier series.

Series 1 Figures

lego minifigures series 1

Between £5 to £10 each, with the set selling for between £150 to £230 (sealed packs).

Mr Gold (Series 10)

Mr Gold

There were only 5,000 Mr Golds made so the price is obviously steep.

£325 to £1,200 (Sealed) – Worth more than its weight in gold.

Star Wars Minifigures

Star Wars is one of the most collected movie franchises ever, and probably the one with the most merchandise. The Lego Star Wars range is no exception, with some figures being worth a fortune.

Chrome Darth Vader

Lego Chrome Darth Vader

Around £100

Gold Chrome C-3PO

Lego Gold C-3PO

£180 (Opened) to £450 (Sealed)

Silver Stormtrooper

Lego Silver Stormtrooper

£12 (Loose) to £54 (Sealed)

Cloud City Boba Fett

Lego Cloud City Boba Fett

£100 to £280

I Love NY Yoda

Lego I Love N.Y Yoda

Toys R Us exclusive, so is very rare.

Around £250

White Boba Fett

Lego White Boba Fett

£10 (Loose) to £65 (Sealed)

Lando Calrissian (Cloud City)

Lego Lando Calrissian

£75 – £95

Luke Skywalker (Cloud City)

Lego Luke Skywalker Cloud City

£35 – £82

Princess Leia (Cloud City)

Lego Princess Leia Cloud City

£25 – £40

Princess Leia (Smooth Hair)

Lego Princess Leia Smooth Hair

£60 – £70


Lego Watto

£35 – £65

Comic Con Exclusives

At each Comic Con various figures are given away and sold to the punters who attend the shows. As these are exclusive to the visitors they are rare and hard to come by. All the figures are from different movie and TV franchises.

Batman of Zur-En-Arrh

Lego Zurenarhh Batman



Lego Bizarro


New York Comic Con Batman

Lego New York Comic Con Batman


Guardians of the Galaxy – The Collector

Lego The Collector Guardians of the Galaxy

£112 to £125

The Hobbit Azog

Lego Azog Lord of the Rings The Hobbit



Lego Shazam SDCC


Spider-Man Black Symbiote Suit


1 of 1000



Any other figure that doesn’t fit into the criteria of the other categories.

Billund Idea House

Lego Idea House Minifigure

Given to VIPs who look around the Lego product development and idea centre at Billund, Denmark.


Alfred Penniworth

Lego Alfred Batman

£30 – £58

Nesquik Rabbit

Lego nesquik rabbit

£20 (Loose) – £70 (Sealed)

All of these valuable Lego minifigures are in British pounds. They may be worth more or less in America. All the figures are best if they are sealed, but are still worth something when they are loose. Some of the price guides are fairly broad mainly due to the condition, and the fluctuating in price due to the different trends. These prices are all taken from the UK eBay. They are all figures that have sold this year, so there are even rarer figures, so rare that they are not on eBay. I want to keep this updated to keep you up to date with the current prices and desirable minifigures. I hope this has been informative, and opened your eyes to some valuable Lego minifigures you could find and flip.