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Guide: Valuable Board Games

I have recently been doing features on particular items and the value of them. This is mainly for those who are looking to buy and sell these items to make a profit, or are looking for a bargain. This week I hope to show you some valuable board games you need to look out for. Board games are highly collected thus pushing the price up on rarer games. All the prices are sold prices found on ebay UK.

Antique/Old Games

G-Men £750

g men  board game

G-Men is a super rare board game created by the best in the biz, the Parker Brothers. This game was created around 1938, over 75 years ago, and is based on the world of spies, a sore subject around this time. Only one game has sold on Ebay and it was in very good condition. It is also dubbed as the British version, so whether that has any bearing on the price I don’t know.


Strat-O-Matic Major League Baseball £420

strat o matic board game
Strat O Matic

While looking at this game it is obvious that there have been more modern versions released since this one. This game is from the 60s and I assume is the first in the series. It is based on one of the favourite American sports, Baseball, so the price is probably higher because you have interest from baseball fans as well as board game collectors. This game sold on the US Ebay, and I assume was only available in America originally. It is also the only one to have been sold recently.


Air Attack £350

air attack board game
Air Attack

This game is another rarity having only one sell recently. The game focuses on air battles and dog fights with planes. In today’s world of board gaming many people are after really nice components. This game also has fantastic components; 23 tin aeroplanes. The game was created by Erich Naumann, and featured guns, bombs, and smoke! What young boy couldn’t resist?

Survey of London £870

Survey of London Board Game
Survey of London

A game created way back in 1820. Printed on linen instead of paper or card.

ARP World War 2

ARP WW2 Board Game

ARP stands for Air Raid Precaution, a job given to civilians during WW2 who would maintain, service, and run local air raid shelters.


Modern Games

Doctor Who Danbury Mint Chess Set £146 – £750 (Expansion Pieces)

doctor who chess set
Doctor Who Chess Set

A more modern game now. Doctor Who is one of the staples for any sci-fi fan, so a cast metal chess et featuring the most recognisable characters are sure to be popular. This is probably why the price is pretty steep. You can get the standard 32 pieces or swap them out for other more exclusive expansion pieces.


MB Dark Tower £79 – £250

Dark Tower board game
Dark Tower

This game was a real winner for MB as it is a role-playing game that came out in the 80s at the height of the D & D craze. The game was electronic too, adding to its already saleable idea. The game is more common than others listed here, but still is one of the most valuable board games and worth a pretty penny.

Container £70 – £115

container board game

Catacombs £50 – £100

catacombs board game

Food Chain Magnate £70 – £80

food chain magnate board game
Food Chain Magnate

Terra Mystica £50 – £80

terra mystica board game
Terra Mystica

Beyond Valor £50 – £75

Beyond Valor board game
Beyond Valor

Xia: Legends of a Drift System £50 – £70

Xia board game
Xia Legends of a Drift System


Licensed Games

If you have a popular board game you can make it even more popular by slapping a licensed character or location on it!

Star Wars Rebellion £50 – £85

star wars rebellion board game
Star Wars Rebellion

Pokemon Monopoly 1999 £30 – £100

pokemon monopoly board game
Pokemon Monopoly

Star Wars Monopoly Colector’s Edition £20 – £40 sealed

star wars monopoly collector's edition
Star Wars Monopoly Collectors Edition

Batman Monopoly Collector’s Edition £50 – £100 Sealed

Batman Monopoly Collector's Edition
Batman Monopoly Collector’s Edition

I will probably do a whole list dedicated to all these licensed games. So stay tuned, but for now these are just a few valuable ones to look for.


Special Edition Games

Franklin Mint Monopoly Board £62 used – £1,200 Good Condition with wooden stand.

Franklin Mint monopoly
Franklin Mint Monopoly

What could be better than Monopoly? I know, a deluxe version of Monopoly. Franklin Mint are known for adding value to different items, and it certainly added value to the lowly Monopoly board. The set includes a board with pull out draw for the pieces, a binder for the property cards, silver houses, and gold hotels and playing pieces.

Franklin Mint Scrabble £50 – £300

Franklin Mint Scrabble
Franklin Mint Scrabble

A lovely set of Scrabble with wooden board and gold plated letter tiles.

Galaxy Trucker Anniversary Edition £85

galaxy trucker anniversary edition
Galaxy Trucker Anniversary

Ticket to Ride 10 Year Anniversary £55 – £80

ticket to ride 10 year anniversary
Ticket to Ride 10 Year Anniversary

Imagine the normal Ticket to Ride US on steroids. This game is an absolute dream to any TTR fan with larger board and lovely pieces.

All these valuable board games are taken from the UK ebay. They may be worth more or less where you live. The prices vary greatly on whether the game is complete or sealed. This is just a small selection of some of the most valuable board games you should be looking out for. For a full listing click here to see the eBay items from highest to lowest.


  • CFuqua

    Some of these are pricey because they are HEAVY with lots of components. Think about shipping costs before you buy.

    Also many of these are recent publications and the price is simply MSRP. Food Chain Magnate, Terra Mystica, and Star Wars Rebellion can be currently found in board game shops.

    • Flips and Flops

      Great point. Shipping these kinds of games is pretty expensive. I have heard of some people who part out each game to sell separately.