Useful Links

Ebay Tools:

Goofbid – The one stop shop for the tools you need for eBay. Including a Misspelling Tool, Not In Title Search, as well as an eBay sniper all for free.

Goof Bid Logo Ebay Tool

Lastminute Auctions – A great resource that shows you every item in the different categories that is ending with no bids and at 99p. Well worth looking at to try and snag a last minute bargain!

Lastminute Auction Ebay Tool

Bay Crazy – Another eBay tool kit with some great features. I especially like the Unwanted Items listing that searches for the term “unwanted gift” in the description. I also like the Night feature that lists all the items of a category that end during the night.

baycrazy logo ebay tools



Online Auction Services:

Online services for bidding on real time auctions happening across the world. Many auction houses use these websites to increase the bids in their sales, and for people to bid if they can’t make it to the sale. They also serve as a good resource for finding the values of items sold at auctions.


invaluable online auction bidding

The Saleroom

The Saleroom Logo auction online bidding


i-bidder i bidder . com logo online auction bidding

Easy Live Auction

Easy Live Auction . com Logo online auction bidding



Price Guides:

Movaluate – Find the current value of any smart phone.

movaluate logo smart phone price guide

Price Charting – A great site charting the value of every video game ever made.

price charting logo video game price guide



Quick Selling Sites:

CEX – UK business that buys and sells games, tech, musics, and dvds. Their website has a handy guide as to what they would pay you for each item.

cex logo quick sell tech music dvds video games

Music Magpie – Won’t give you the market price for an item, but they are quick, easy, and good for when you need some spare cash.

music magpie logo quick sell tech dvds music video games



Other Resources:

/r/Flipping – A lively subreddit full of others who are flipping good at flipping.

flipping subreddit logo



Flipping Blogs:

Flipping A Dollar – A great blog written by a gentleman who has many years of eBay experience, and plenty of experience making cash on it.

flipping a dollar logo flipping blog

She Thrifts – A blog dedicated to one woman’s thrift shop hauls, and her money making tips and tricks.

She Thrifts logo flipping blog

Thrift Store Flipping – A couple who love buying and selling items found at thrift stores.


Thrift Store Flipping blog logo

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries – A great blog showing the many purchases of vinyl at car boot sales and charity shops by Rebecca.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries Logo