Brilliant Bargains: Lego Princess Leia’s Smooth Hair

I know the title seems a bit weird, but if you read my page about valuable Lego minifigures you should understand what I am talking about. Back in 2006 through to 2009 Lego Star Wars sets were being made with a defect. This defect was that the Princess Leia figure’s hair style was completely smooth instead of rough like it was meant to be. I found out about this defect when researching for the aforementioned list. So when I arrived in Watchet to do my stint at running the shop, I took the time to check out the many cabinets of minifigures to see if I could see any valuables ones I had just researched. I couldn’t find any whole figures that were rare, but I did find the smooth hair piece on one of the figures. I took it off and bought it for £1.

Princess Leia Smooth Hair Lego

I then put it loose on eBay just to see how much it would go to. I assumed it might make a few quid as it was from a rare figure. It didn’t have the rest of the figure with it, so I wasn’t expecting much. So to cut a long story short, it ended up selling for £26! This makes it one of the most expensive individual Lego pieces. I will certainly be looking out for some more!


  • Dollar Flipper

    Ridiculous!! I have a bag of min-figs that I need to list but they aren’t that valuable so I haven’t gotten around to them yet. Shocked about this hair piece going for this much. Collectors are crazy.