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Guide: Valuable Sports Video Games

With many sports competitions recently like the Euros, Copa America, Wimbledon and NBA finals it has got me thinking about sports video games. Most licensed sports games are considered absolutely worthless, but I have done a bit of hunting to see if this is right. I have found a few games that are actually worth buying when you see them cheap. The good thing about sports games is that they are normally really cheap, so if you do find one of these hidden gems you should be able to sell from on for a cool profit.

Fifa Games

Since the first Fifa football game in 1993, the whole franchise has built and built every year up to the point when the next game Fifa 17 is one of the most looked forward to games this year. Most of the Fifa games are worthless a few years after they come out. Here are a few worth buying if you see them.

Fifa 12 (PS2) £3 – £15

Fifa 12 PS2

Fifa 13 (PS2) £5 – £20

fifa 13 PS2

Fifa 14 (PS2) £10 – £30

Fifa 14 PS2

Fifa 15 (Wii) £5 – £25 New

Fifa 15 Wii

Fifa 98 Road to the World Cup (Megadrive) £4 – £15

Fifa 98 Road to World Cup Megadrive


EA first stared creating game based on golf in 1990 based on the PGA. In 1997 it became the Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour, and in 2015 it moved over to Rory McIllroy.

PGA European Golf Tour (Nintendo 64) £10 – £30 Boxed

PGA European Tour Nintendo 64

PGA European Golf Tour (Nintendo SNES) £3 – £20 Boxed

PGA European Golf Tour SNES

Masters 14 Historic Edition (Xbox 360 and PS3) £20 – £60 Sealed

Masters 14 Historic Edition


Being from the UK NBA doesn’t really interest me. But obviously in the USA it is a massive deal. Like the other games on this list, the majority are worthless.

NBA Pro 98 (Nintendo 64) £3 – £50 (Boxed AUS version)

NBA Pro 98 Nintendo 64

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Megadrive 32X) £30 – £80 Sealed

NBA Jam Megadrive 32X

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Nintendo SNES) £5 – £50 Boxed


NBA Jam (Sega CD) £6 – £30

NBA Jam Sega CD

NBA Live 95 (SNES) £8 – £28

NBA Live 95 SNES

NBA 2K12 (PS2) £10 – £30

NBA 2K12 PS2


UFC Undisputed 3 (Xbox 360 and PS3) £5 – £30 Sealed

UFC Undisputed 3 PS3

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (PS2) £5 – £15

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 PS2

NHL 2K11 Wii £5 – £17

NHL 2k11 Wii

All these prices come from the UK ebay site. In the USA you will find these go for more or less. Obviously the top end of these prices are selaed copies. But some are worth buying unsealed too. Check eBay sold prices before buying anything you are not sure about. This is just a guide, and should not be taken as fact; prices fluctuate. So before you pass up that shelf of old sports games, check out to see if any of them are valuable sports video games.

  • Flips and Flops

    Any valuable sports games I have missed?

  • Dollar Flipper

    Some of the weird yearly games that come out near the end of a consoles life are good. NCAA 2002 for Gamecube (ONLY FOR GAMECUBE!!) sells in the hundreds. Barbie Horseback Riding Adventure for original XBOX sells for $20-$30 USD. Even if it’s a recent game, a sealed version is probably worth a shot for $1.