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The Flops #2: Return of the Tat

A few weeks a go I showed you some of my more unsuccessful purchases. Unfortunately for me, I have had some more since then. This is the flops #2!

While in Wellington, Somerset I was looking around a local junk shop. I have bought a few items from the chap here. He has a nice wall of dvd and video games to choose from as well as many out buildings full of other stuff. It was in one of the outbuildings that I found this Lego set. I had this set when I was younger and was one of my prize possessions. I think I let my heart rule my head because when I got it home I realised it didn’t have all its pieces and didn’t have any instructions. The stupid thing was that I actually looked in the box before I bought it. It isn’t a very desirable set as it is only a 4+ set with larger minifigures. I only spent a fiver on it, and I could probably salvage that back, but why not give the charity shop something they can sell for around £5 – £10?

Lego Pirates 7075 lego Pirates 7075 Set

The second item was something I actually bought in a charity shop, but sadly won’t be going back to one. I bought this arcade machine style thing with the thought of selling at Watchet where we have a pitch. It looked like fun. It isn’t old, but would have sold for a bit. Probably a tenner. The problem was when I took it out of its box and put some batteries in, it didn’t work. I tried all its modes and every way of getting it to work to no avail. It cost me £3, but because it doesn’t work I won’t bother giving it back to a charity shop. I will probably take it apart and try and salvage some of the electronics and dump the rest.

Retro Arcade Shoot Marks and Spencer

The next flop came from a charity shop in Exeter. They don’t have much stuff besides clothing, so I rarely go in there because I know nothing about clothes. Funnily enough I actually did buy a piece of clothing at the same time as this item. Admittedly it was only an England shirt. Anyway, the item I bought was a miniature Wentworth puzzle from the Donkey Sanctuary. It was only a pound, but when doing it I found it had a piece missing. Obviously this can’t go back to a charity shop, so my mum may use the different whimsies for craft projects.

Missing Piece Wentworth Donkey Sanctuary Jigsaw Puzzle Wentworth Donkey Sanctuary Jigsaw Puzzle

The last item was alluded to in the Flog it posts. I had bought an Enid Blyton first edition in a charity shop a few years ago and sold it on eBay for a small profit. This got me excited and made me buy a load of other first edition Enid Blyton books. Well, I thought they were. I bought 9 more on the hope that they would make me a tidy sum. I worked out they cost me about £16. In the Flog It post I said that I had taken them for a book man to look at. He told me to take them to Tamlyns as they sell Enid Blyton books well. To cut a long story short, I eventually sold them for £10 at auction, and received a cheque for £8.08 in the post. I lost half the money on the books. I didn’t really mind as we had a nice day at that auction anyway. I certainly won’t be buying any more Enid Blyton books from now on though.

Enid Blyton Books
It turns out only one of them was a first edition.

I hope you find these flop posts interesting and hopefully informative. I hope I don’t have to do another one any time soon.


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