Brilliant Bargains: Lego Princess Leia’s Smooth Hair

I know the title seems a bit weird, but if you read my page about valuable Lego minifigures you should understand what I am talking about. Back in 2006 through to 2009 Lego Star Wars sets were being made with a defect. This defect was that the Princess Leia figure’s hair style was completely smooth instead of rough like it was meant to be. I found out about this defect when researching for the aforementioned list. So when I arrived in Watchet to do my stint at running the shop, I took the time to check out the many cabinets of minifigures to see if I could see any valuables ones I had just researched. I couldn’t find any whole figures that were rare, but I did find the smooth hair piece on one of the figures. I took it off and bought it for £1.

Princess Leia Smooth Hair Lego

I then put it loose on eBay just to see how much it would go to. I assumed it might make a few quid as it was from a rare figure. It didn’t have the rest of the figure with it, so I wasn’t expecting much. So to cut a long story short, it ended up selling for £26! This makes it one of the most expensive individual Lego pieces. I will certainly be looking out for some more!


valuable sports video games

Guide: Valuable Sports Video Games

With many sports competitions recently like the Euros, Copa America, Wimbledon and NBA finals it has got me thinking about sports video games. Most licensed sports games are considered absolutely worthless, but I have done a bit of hunting to see if this is right. I have found a few games that are actually worth buying when you see them cheap. The good thing about sports games is that they are normally really cheap, so if you do find one of these hidden gems you should be able to sell from on for a cool profit.

Fifa Games

Since the first Fifa football game in 1993, the whole franchise has built and built every year up to the point when the next game Fifa 17 is one of the most looked forward to games this year. Most of the Fifa games are worthless a few years after they come out. Here are a few worth buying if you see them.

Fifa 12 (PS2) £3 – £15

Fifa 12 PS2

Fifa 13 (PS2) £5 – £20

fifa 13 PS2

Fifa 14 (PS2) £10 – £30

Fifa 14 PS2

Fifa 15 (Wii) £5 – £25 New

Fifa 15 Wii

Fifa 98 Road to the World Cup (Megadrive) £4 – £15

Fifa 98 Road to World Cup Megadrive


EA first stared creating game based on golf in 1990 based on the PGA. In 1997 it became the Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour, and in 2015 it moved over to Rory McIllroy.

PGA European Golf Tour (Nintendo 64) £10 – £30 Boxed

PGA European Tour Nintendo 64

PGA European Golf Tour (Nintendo SNES) £3 – £20 Boxed

PGA European Golf Tour SNES

Masters 14 Historic Edition (Xbox 360 and PS3) £20 – £60 Sealed

Masters 14 Historic Edition


Being from the UK NBA doesn’t really interest me. But obviously in the USA it is a massive deal. Like the other games on this list, the majority are worthless.

NBA Pro 98 (Nintendo 64) £3 – £50 (Boxed AUS version)

NBA Pro 98 Nintendo 64

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Megadrive 32X) £30 – £80 Sealed

NBA Jam Megadrive 32X

NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Nintendo SNES) £5 – £50 Boxed


NBA Jam (Sega CD) £6 – £30

NBA Jam Sega CD

NBA Live 95 (SNES) £8 – £28

NBA Live 95 SNES

NBA 2K12 (PS2) £10 – £30

NBA 2K12 PS2


UFC Undisputed 3 (Xbox 360 and PS3) £5 – £30 Sealed

UFC Undisputed 3 PS3

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (PS2) £5 – £15

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 PS2

NHL 2K11 Wii £5 – £17

NHL 2k11 Wii

All these prices come from the UK ebay site. In the USA you will find these go for more or less. Obviously the top end of these prices are selaed copies. But some are worth buying unsealed too. Check eBay sold prices before buying anything you are not sure about. This is just a guide, and should not be taken as fact; prices fluctuate. So before you pass up that shelf of old sports games, check out to see if any of them are valuable sports video games.

weekly haul feature 1

Weekly Haul 26/6/16

During the summer season you do find that the good stuff starts drying up in charity shops. I have still found a few interesting items, but I have had to get some from other places.

I’ll start with three video games I bought in charity shops this week. The first I bought in Exeter. When I saw this game for 99p I thought it seemed like a good purchase. Stupidly I seemed to think that SEGA PC meant it was for a computer made by SEGA. All it does mean is that it is a SEGA made pc game. Probably worth £3 at best as it was sealed. Sega Marine Fishing wasn’t a good catch for me.

Deep Marine Fishing

The second game was bought in Exeter too. It was in amongst some pretty rubbish games that have been there for weeks. I still checked the box of games and found Little Big Planet for the PSP for only 99p. I have been buying some PSP games recently, with little success. I still bought the game though. It was funny because the man at the desk of the shop thought it was cheap. He told me I could buy one up the road for a lot more. Sadly, I can’t sell it for a lot more. Potentially £2.50 on eBay with only 70p from CEX.

Little Big Planet PSP

The last game was bought in the Red Cross shop in Crediton. When finding games in charity shops it is quite rare to find what I would call AA or AAA Wii games. I would call the Nintendo game for the Wii the AAA titles and the AA are the ones based on other big franchises. Any other game I would call shovelware. Anyway, I saw the AA title Nights: Journey of Dreams for £2 thinking it would be worth a bit more. It is a popular franchise and made by SEGA. Again, it wasn’t worth much more than what I paid for it, only about £3 – £5. The dreams turned into a nightmare.

Nights Journey of Dreams Wii

The last charity shop purchase was in Exeter too. There is one shop in Exeter that is a long walk away from other shops. Sometimes I don’t even bother popping down for a look. I did this week, however, and found a paper wallet for 99p. I have started to learn about these paper wallets , that go by the name of Mighty Wallets, since watching Youtube videos of Lootcrates. Lootcrate tend to put one in a box every other month these days. The one I bought has pictures of animals in clothes on. I did think I might use it, but when I found it worth around a tenner, I decided to sell it.

Mighty Wallet

The next lot of items were bought in a market in Tiverton. Me and my dad attend this market every Monday morning when we have to man the stall at Watchet. You can often find good items at markets, and you can haggle with the owners. I found these four 8-track tapes for £1 each. The 8-track is an old music format that made many improvements on the classic cassette. I managed to buy 8-tracks of Elton John, Glenn Miller, The Shadows and the Beatles. I reckon I could get a fiver each, if not a bit more for the Beatles one.

8 Tracks

The last item was the most interesting for me. I was wandering around our pitch at the Vintage Trading Company in Exeter Marsh Barton, and saw this big Lego minifigure head peeking out of someone else’s pitch. I looked at the price on the ticket, and then the value of them online and immediately took it to the front desk to buy for £8. I think I will sell it for around £20 at Watchet where Lego is sold. I could get the same price on eBay, but selling it at a pitch is much easier.

Lego Head Storage

PEZ collecting

Collector’s Corner: PEZ Collecting with Rich Belyski from

Welcome to this week’s Collector’s Corner. I am joined by Richard Belyski from PEZ Collector’s News.  He has been collecting PEZ dispensers for 20 years and has even written a book on the subject. I thought he would be the perfect man to interview about PEZ collecting.

What got you starting collecting PEZ?

  Back in the mid 1980’s I used to buy and sell antiques and collectibles at shows in the Northeast.  I had sold so many cool things through the years, but really never “collected”.  One day, someone told me I needed a hobby, I needed to collect something.  That was in the late 80’s.  So one day I was in a store, I happened to come across a PEZ dispenser, picked it up and it took over from there.  Why did I choose PEZ?  I have fond memories of PEZ as a child.  I remember my Mother buying me PEZ!  I even remember some of the characters and I hate to say it I remember trying to break them so Mom would get me more PEZ candy.  Now if I only had them today….

pez collection
Just one display of Richards PEZ

  I began to really search for PEZ.  I put a display case out at my antique shows and started to buy and sell my extra PEZ to feed my obsession.  It was around that time PEZ collecting started to boom.  I used to subscribe to a 2 year old PEZ collecting newsletter and they were going to stop publication.  So, in 1995 I started PEZ Collectors News and have been publishing it ever since.  Now over 20 years!  Through the newsletter I built a good relationship with the PEZ company, which there was none before that time.  On one of my visits to the PEZ company, I happen to see a nice, brand new hotel right around the corner from the PEZ factory in Orange CT.  I thought, wow that would be a great place to hold a PEZ convention.  In 1999 we held the First Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering around the corner from the PEZ Factory and we were mobbed that year.  A couple years later, I started another convention in Myrtle Beach and also hosted a couple PEZ collector cruises and we are working on another cruise for 2017.

 How many PEZ do you have in your collection?

  This question I have been asked many times.  Way back when it looked like I could count them all, I started to.  One.. two.. three.. then before you know it I was saying hundred one.. hundred two…  I gave up.  It seems these cute, little fun collectibles multiply like rabbits.  I keep running out of room for them all.  I hate to say it I have resorted to storing some of it all in boxes and just displaying my vintage PEZ along with my newer purchases.

pcn offices pez
The PEZ Collectors News Offices

 What is your favourite PEZ in your collection?

  There is no easy answer to that question.  I have a few favourite dispensers.  One of the first that come to mind is the special Bride and Groom I made to use as our wedding cake topper.  That one is special, I also made a couple stunt doubles in case something happened to the real set.  As I said, you can never have enough PEZ….

  Another one of my favorites is a Fat Ear Bunny.  This one happened by chance.  Again, as I was cleaning up the house I came across a box of PEZ I had stashed away a long time ago.  It was filled with Fat Ear Bunnies.  So I put them all out on display, thought how cool a whole bunch of them looked so I stared to look for more of them and put them on display.

fat ear bunny pez
Fat Ear Bunny

  Another dispenser that I happen to like is called Bubbleman.  When I had my first interview with the PEZ President Scott McWhinnie in 1996, we were sitting there when he pulled out this dispenser out of his pocket.  It was called Bubbleman.  Bubbleman was a dispenser that was never released at that time and made its way out into the PEZ collecting hobby and sold for several thousand dollars.  Imagine, this man pulling out this very rare and expensive dispenser out of his pocket, showing me and telling ME that they would be selling this dispenser to the collecting community in the near future.  They did!

bubbleman pez

Is there one PEZ you really don’t like?

No, but there are some I could care less about.  The good part about me writing a collecting newsletter I can use it as an excuse to buy every PEZ under the sun and collect it!

How do you store / show off your collection?

We have two offices in our house and there are shelves with “grandstand style” displays, display cases with PEZ, a vending machine (like the one I remember when Mom bought me PEZ as a kid) and even a 6′ tall Grasshopper PEZ that was used by PEZ at trade shows.  There are PEZ dispensers everywhere in our house, except the bathroom.  Hmm, now that gives me an idea!

grasshopper pez
Rich with his 6 ft. Grasshopper PEZ

Where do you get your Pez from?

I buy PEZ in my local stores, I’m always looking.  I also buy on eBay and I even buy PEZ wholesale directly from PEZ.  You can never get enough PEZ ya know……

What are some PEZ that are worth a lot of money?

There are several that are worth a lot of money.  One that people might know is called Make a Face.   He is like a Mr. Potato head dispenser.  He has all of these small pieces that go in his head.  Because of the small pieces he was pulled off the market and is hard to find complete.  I was lucky enough to find one many years ago in my antique show days,  one with a few pieces that I bought for a couple dollars.  Another biggie is the Bride and a Pineapple dispenser.  The last Pineapple I saw sell was in the area of $3,500.

pineapple pez
The Elusive Pineapple PEZ

What is your holy grail?

I would love to get a Pineapple or a Bride for my collection.  Maybe someday when I win the lottery!

bride and groom pez
The Bride and Groom PEZ

What do you do with all the sweets?

I’m actually one of the few collectors that will eat PEZ candy.  There is nothing like eating fresh, hot PEZ candy right out of the machine at PEZ.  Nothing like it.  I like orange PEZ candy the best.  Since I host the Northeast PEZ convention I buy lots of PEZ that I use as giveaways at the convention.  Each PEZ dispenser come with two packs of candy.  So if I open a a couple hundred dispensers double that number.  So I stock pile it during the year and put it out on a table at the convention during our public show day.  This year I guess there was at least 1,000-2,000 packs of PEZ candy I put on the table.  At the end of the show, it was gone!

pez sweets
Rich certainly has a sweet tooth

I would like to thank Rich for doing this interview with me. In the UK PEZ isn’t particularly popular, but it certainly seems to be a great hobby for many people in the US. This interview has opened my eyes to the world of PEZ collecting and I hope it has for you too. When I next see them in the shops I shall definitely grab myself one to just see what all the fuss is about.

  The easiest way to get information about Rich, his collecting, his newsletters and collector guides, the Northeast PEZ Convention or the 2017 PEZ Collector Cruise is go to his web site at and look on the link page for more information.

Rich also has a Facebook page and Twitter feed to keep up to date with the PEZ news and community.

weekly haul flips and flops

Weekly Haul 19/6/16

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have a one word excuse – football. Anyhow here are the five different items I have bought this week.

The first item I bought was Donkey Konga with the bongos. I bought this in Wellington and was pleased to only pay £2. They were boxed and had the game with them too. I have already had £2 worth of fun out of them banging away trying to get a high score. CEX would give me £1.80 for them, but I could get £8 out of them on eBay.

Donkey Kong Konga Bongos

The next item may seem a bit hypocritical to my friends. I rag on them for having an Xbox over the vastly superior Nintendo consoles. This week though, I bit he bullet and bought an Xbox 360. Just for testing games, not for pleasure as I told my friends. I bought it off eBay for £20 which I thought was a good price. The listing did say it was faulty, as the disk drawer would not open. I managed to fix this easily so that was good. It also came with a game that unfortunately didn’t work. I was banking on the game to be able trade in for £8 making the Xbox cost me only £12. I could sell the Xbox for around £25 so I wouldn’t lose money on it, but I wanted it for testing games anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Xbox 360

The last three items were all bought on one successful shopping trip around my local town of Tiverton. The first item I bought was the classic board game Carcassonne. I have bought this game once before and done well with it. I actually own a copy too that gets pulled out for a game once in a while. I bought this for £1.99! This game doesn’t have the river expansion, which makes it less slightly desirable, but should still be worth £15 – £20 on eBay.

Carcassonne Board Game

This next item was just for me. I am a massive fan of Robot Wars and recently bought a large remote controlled Sir Killalot. So when I saw a miniature version of Sir Killalot I had to buy it. After looking it up it isn’t worth any more than I paid for it, which was £1.50. It will no doubt just end up on my shelf.

Sir Killalot Toy

The final item I bought this week was a Transformers Bumblebee helmet. I have never watched any of the Transformers so I had to get a friend confirm it was Bumblebee. I got this great helmet for £3.50 and have put it out for sale at Watchet for £15. Character helmets are always popular as kids use them as play items, while adults use them for cosplay.

Bumble Bee Transformers Helmet


flips and flops feature return of the tat

The Flops #2: Return of the Tat

A few weeks a go I showed you some of my more unsuccessful purchases. Unfortunately for me, I have had some more since then. This is the flops #2!

While in Wellington, Somerset I was looking around a local junk shop. I have bought a few items from the chap here. He has a nice wall of dvd and video games to choose from as well as many out buildings full of other stuff. It was in one of the outbuildings that I found this Lego set. I had this set when I was younger and was one of my prize possessions. I think I let my heart rule my head because when I got it home I realised it didn’t have all its pieces and didn’t have any instructions. The stupid thing was that I actually looked in the box before I bought it. It isn’t a very desirable set as it is only a 4+ set with larger minifigures. I only spent a fiver on it, and I could probably salvage that back, but why not give the charity shop something they can sell for around £5 – £10?

Lego Pirates 7075 lego Pirates 7075 Set

The second item was something I actually bought in a charity shop, but sadly won’t be going back to one. I bought this arcade machine style thing with the thought of selling at Watchet where we have a pitch. It looked like fun. It isn’t old, but would have sold for a bit. Probably a tenner. The problem was when I took it out of its box and put some batteries in, it didn’t work. I tried all its modes and every way of getting it to work to no avail. It cost me £3, but because it doesn’t work I won’t bother giving it back to a charity shop. I will probably take it apart and try and salvage some of the electronics and dump the rest.

Retro Arcade Shoot Marks and Spencer

The next flop came from a charity shop in Exeter. They don’t have much stuff besides clothing, so I rarely go in there because I know nothing about clothes. Funnily enough I actually did buy a piece of clothing at the same time as this item. Admittedly it was only an England shirt. Anyway, the item I bought was a miniature Wentworth puzzle from the Donkey Sanctuary. It was only a pound, but when doing it I found it had a piece missing. Obviously this can’t go back to a charity shop, so my mum may use the different whimsies for craft projects.

Missing Piece Wentworth Donkey Sanctuary Jigsaw Puzzle Wentworth Donkey Sanctuary Jigsaw Puzzle

The last item was alluded to in the Flog it posts. I had bought an Enid Blyton first edition in a charity shop a few years ago and sold it on eBay for a small profit. This got me excited and made me buy a load of other first edition Enid Blyton books. Well, I thought they were. I bought 9 more on the hope that they would make me a tidy sum. I worked out they cost me about £16. In the Flog It post I said that I had taken them for a book man to look at. He told me to take them to Tamlyns as they sell Enid Blyton books well. To cut a long story short, I eventually sold them for £10 at auction, and received a cheque for £8.08 in the post. I lost half the money on the books. I didn’t really mind as we had a nice day at that auction anyway. I certainly won’t be buying any more Enid Blyton books from now on though.

Enid Blyton Books
It turns out only one of them was a first edition.

I hope you find these flop posts interesting and hopefully informative. I hope I don’t have to do another one any time soon.


lovejoy feature

Worth A Watch? – Lovejoy

First aired in 1986, the TV show, Lovejoy, was based on the antique escapades of the books written by Jonathan Gash. Lovejoy is the main character of the programme; he is an antiques dealer looking to survive buying and selling anything and everything old and valuable. He is joined on his rambles by Lady Jane Felsham, a respectable lady of the manor, Eric Catchpole, his general dog’s body, and Tinker Dill, his knowledgeable friend. The series follows Lovejoy and his friends as they get themselves into so many odd situations and problems and how they get out of them.

lovejoy antiques sign
Sign Above Lovejoy’s Shop

Lovejoy is a loveable rouge you will always make things turn out okay for him often at the detriment of others. He knows his antiques inside and out and is referred to as a divvie on the show. A divvie is someone who has such a skill at identifying valuable antiques and differentiating them from fakes and forgeries. He uses this to his advantage by always spotting the rare antique while all his competitors look over it. He is universally liked among those in the business apart from his rival Charlie Gimbert. Lovejoy would  do almost anything to mess Gimbert up, especially if he made an extra bit of money from it. Speaking to almost anyone comes easily for Lovejoy, as he has to deal with almost every kind of person one time or another. He always seems to have someone who will buy one of his items. He is a real ladies man, and can charm the birds out of the trees. He may be a rouge, but will always help out those in more need than himself.

Lady Jane Felsham is Lovejoy’s romantic interest, even though she is already married to a Lord. She often travels around with Lovejoy, and gets him out of scrapes with her esteemed position and wealthy contacts. She runs an interior design business, and is often buying items from Lovejoy to then sell on to her clients. Lovejoy will often embarrass her and her business by dabbling in forgeries and fakes or ripping off clients. Lovejoy runs his business from one of her outbuildings on the manor, so Lady Jane needs Lovejoy to succeed no matter how he does it.

Eric Catchpole is the light relief of the show. His stupidity and ignorance of antiques makes him a perfect candidate for winding up and goading. He works with Lovejoy in his shop and is the restorer and porter of the operation. He is often seen cleaning off items and moving stuff in an out of the shop. The funniest moments of the show are when Eric thinks he knows more about antiques than Lovejoy. Eric has been known to buy items thinking he will make a massive profit, while failing miserably at the end. Like Lovejoy, he acts a bit rough and would not immediately be seen as an antiques dealer.

Tinker is the oldest of the group. He seems to know everyone in the business. He is the man for getting leads. Tinker is slightly barmy and a massive alcoholic. Not one show can pass without him taking a swig of whisky from his hip flask. He is very knowledgeable about antiques, and has  been around so long in the business he has seen almost everything.

Lovejoy cast
Cast Left to right: Eric Catchpole played by Chris Jury, Charlie Gimbert played by Malcolm Tierney, Lady Jane Felsham played by Phyllis Logan, Tinker Dill played by Dudley Sutton, and Lovejoy played by Ian McShane

I love this programme. The dramatisation of the antiques business is such as great idea. The little scams and brilliant bargains make the show seem so realistic. The show visits auction houses, antique centres, shops, and markets. As someone in the business I find it hilarious and very accurate. The money making schemes are so good and clever. Throughout the series you see so many interesting escapades and people. Auctioneers, forgers, police, porters, and dealers all appear in some form or another. The cast is also fantastic. Lovejoy is played by Ian McShane, better known now for his part in Pirates of Caribbean, and Lady Jane is played by Phyllis Logan of Downton Abbey fame.

phyllis logan and ian mcshane
Phyllis Logan and Ian Mcshane in their other famous roles

The show contains intrigue, romance, drama, and humour all in one. The characters all gel incredibly well and play off each other. It is great seeing the different antiques bought and sold by the group and the problems that come from them. The problems being very funny and sometimes very serious. It is great to see someone having a genuine love of antiques and not just for their monetary value.

If you are a fan of Only Fools and Horses or Minder, I would certainly recommend Lovejoy. You don’t have to be in the business to enjoy it, but being in the business just makes you appreciate it even more. It was made in 1986 and ended in 1994, so expect some references you may not understand if you are not British and weren’t alive then. The show is full of British charm being set in East Anglia with most of the locations being stately homes, cottages, or local pubs. Watching it now it also contains a lot of nostalgia of the period with a lot of old cars and shops being shown. If you watched this back in the day, you should watch it again. If you have never watched this, but are interested in antiques, you should watch this.

long melford lovejoy
The Village of Long Melford the Setting of Lovejoy

So is Lovejoy Worth a Watch?

Yes. How can you not? It is a British classic!

You can watch this on the Drama channel in the UK  regularly. It is also available to watch on UKTV Play.

board games feature

Guide: Valuable Board Games

I have recently been doing features on particular items and the value of them. This is mainly for those who are looking to buy and sell these items to make a profit, or are looking for a bargain. This week I hope to show you some valuable board games you need to look out for. Board games are highly collected thus pushing the price up on rarer games. All the prices are sold prices found on ebay UK.

Antique/Old Games

G-Men £750

g men  board game

G-Men is a super rare board game created by the best in the biz, the Parker Brothers. This game was created around 1938, over 75 years ago, and is based on the world of spies, a sore subject around this time. Only one game has sold on Ebay and it was in very good condition. It is also dubbed as the British version, so whether that has any bearing on the price I don’t know.


Strat-O-Matic Major League Baseball £420

strat o matic board game
Strat O Matic

While looking at this game it is obvious that there have been more modern versions released since this one. This game is from the 60s and I assume is the first in the series. It is based on one of the favourite American sports, Baseball, so the price is probably higher because you have interest from baseball fans as well as board game collectors. This game sold on the US Ebay, and I assume was only available in America originally. It is also the only one to have been sold recently.


Air Attack £350

air attack board game
Air Attack

This game is another rarity having only one sell recently. The game focuses on air battles and dog fights with planes. In today’s world of board gaming many people are after really nice components. This game also has fantastic components; 23 tin aeroplanes. The game was created by Erich Naumann, and featured guns, bombs, and smoke! What young boy couldn’t resist?

Survey of London £870

Survey of London Board Game
Survey of London

A game created way back in 1820. Printed on linen instead of paper or card.

ARP World War 2

ARP WW2 Board Game

ARP stands for Air Raid Precaution, a job given to civilians during WW2 who would maintain, service, and run local air raid shelters.


Modern Games

Doctor Who Danbury Mint Chess Set £146 – £750 (Expansion Pieces)

doctor who chess set
Doctor Who Chess Set

A more modern game now. Doctor Who is one of the staples for any sci-fi fan, so a cast metal chess et featuring the most recognisable characters are sure to be popular. This is probably why the price is pretty steep. You can get the standard 32 pieces or swap them out for other more exclusive expansion pieces.


MB Dark Tower £79 – £250

Dark Tower board game
Dark Tower

This game was a real winner for MB as it is a role-playing game that came out in the 80s at the height of the D & D craze. The game was electronic too, adding to its already saleable idea. The game is more common than others listed here, but still is one of the most valuable board games and worth a pretty penny.

Container £70 – £115

container board game

Catacombs £50 – £100

catacombs board game

Food Chain Magnate £70 – £80

food chain magnate board game
Food Chain Magnate

Terra Mystica £50 – £80

terra mystica board game
Terra Mystica

Beyond Valor £50 – £75

Beyond Valor board game
Beyond Valor

Xia: Legends of a Drift System £50 – £70

Xia board game
Xia Legends of a Drift System


Licensed Games

If you have a popular board game you can make it even more popular by slapping a licensed character or location on it!

Star Wars Rebellion £50 – £85

star wars rebellion board game
Star Wars Rebellion

Pokemon Monopoly 1999 £30 – £100

pokemon monopoly board game
Pokemon Monopoly

Star Wars Monopoly Colector’s Edition £20 – £40 sealed

star wars monopoly collector's edition
Star Wars Monopoly Collectors Edition

Batman Monopoly Collector’s Edition £50 – £100 Sealed

Batman Monopoly Collector's Edition
Batman Monopoly Collector’s Edition

I will probably do a whole list dedicated to all these licensed games. So stay tuned, but for now these are just a few valuable ones to look for.


Special Edition Games

Franklin Mint Monopoly Board £62 used – £1,200 Good Condition with wooden stand.

Franklin Mint monopoly
Franklin Mint Monopoly

What could be better than Monopoly? I know, a deluxe version of Monopoly. Franklin Mint are known for adding value to different items, and it certainly added value to the lowly Monopoly board. The set includes a board with pull out draw for the pieces, a binder for the property cards, silver houses, and gold hotels and playing pieces.

Franklin Mint Scrabble £50 – £300

Franklin Mint Scrabble
Franklin Mint Scrabble

A lovely set of Scrabble with wooden board and gold plated letter tiles.

Galaxy Trucker Anniversary Edition £85

galaxy trucker anniversary edition
Galaxy Trucker Anniversary

Ticket to Ride 10 Year Anniversary £55 – £80

ticket to ride 10 year anniversary
Ticket to Ride 10 Year Anniversary

Imagine the normal Ticket to Ride US on steroids. This game is an absolute dream to any TTR fan with larger board and lovely pieces.

All these valuable board games are taken from the UK ebay. They may be worth more or less where you live. The prices vary greatly on whether the game is complete or sealed. This is just a small selection of some of the most valuable board games you should be looking out for. For a full listing click here to see the eBay items from highest to lowest.


weekly haul featured image

Weekly Haul 5/6/16

This week’s weekly haul contains all the items that we bought at auction on Wednesday. This was the auction with Flog It filming. You can read about the day here.

Lets get cracking.

As I mentioned in the last post, this item was a Flog It item. We only knew this about 3 lots before, and by that time we already knew we wanted to buy the item. We didn’t just buy it for the telly, but it was a nice bonus. The auction catalogued this lot as:

Railway Interest – an enamelled metal sign “Shunting Bell” a metal chisel stamped GWR and a Tunnel board with metal numbers “4 75 4”

GWR Shunting Bell Sign and Coal Chisel

It was a good lot we bought for £38. We have a pitch at a location about 100 yards away from the GWR Somerset railway. We often buy railway related items to sell at this place. We think we could sell these items for £85.

The next lot is a bit odd. It was even dissed by the auctioneer with her telling us “buy this if this is your sort of thing.” It was not our sort of item, but as it was going cheap at £10 we thought we would buy. My dad seems to think it was painted on while the auction description thinks it was printed on. This was the auction’s description:

A wood panel with printed depiction of the portrait of a Continental gentleman.

Printed Wood Image
Someone is watching you…

We can sell this at Sidmouth for around £20 – £40.

I rarely buy anything at auction, but at this one I thought I would go the whole hog and probably make up for all the times I haven’t bought something. I bought two lots of British comic annuals. This wasn’t 10, 20, 100, 200. I bought 390!!! It took some time loading these up. The lot included a lot of Cheeky, Beano, Dandy, Roy of the Rovers, Girl, Topper, Beezer annuals. I collect annuals but all the ones I would have liked in the lot I already had, so they are pretty much all up for sale. It included a few nice ones like some 60s Beanos and Dandys. I spoke to a gentleman who was interested in buying them, so I now need to write down every annual I’ve got and send him over an email. It could take some time.

Annual Job Lot Annual Job Lot Annual Job Lot

I payed £38 for the two lots, plus around a tenner of commission, so each annual owes me around 12 pence. I should be able to make a tidy profit just selling each annual for 50p.

The next item we bought was a bit of a mish-mash. It was a cast iron Wellington doorstop with two “Danger of Death” warning signs. We had been standing by these items for almost the whole auction, and I think they were calling out to us. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the lot number on the signs, as that was what we really wanted. I even searched their catalogue online to no avail. It turned out the two items were sold together. We didn’t really want the doorstop, but its still good merchandise so we bought them for £20.

Danger of Death Sign

We should be able to sell for Wellington doorstop for £15, and the two signs for £30.

The next item was similar. Not in looks but in the way we only really saw it while the auction was underway. The jardiniere described by the auction as “A 19th Century copper and brass jardiniere with lion mask ring handles on four lion paw supports” was a lovely item. A really solid antique, but sadly not really worth much. If I remember correctly we paid £30 for this item, and thats all it is really worth. We will try at Sidmouth and see how it goes.

The last item was the one we really wanted. Dad has done well with Ercol items before, so when he saw a set of Ercol pebble tables he knew he had to buy them. The estimate was only £30 – £40 which is absolutely insane. These tables go for around £250-£300!

Ercol Brown Pebble Tables

Sadly for us, they didn’t go for the auction estimate, but we still got them for a snip at £120. A really stylish set of tables should be worth selling online for a good profit.

It was a good day for many reasons, not only for the great stuff we managed to buy. We shall certainly be going back to Tamlyns for some purchases.

flog it feature

A Day Out at Flog it!

Last Wednesday If you were tuned into my Twitter feed, you may have noticed I attended an auction while the Flog It team were in residence. I was at Tamlyns auctions in Bridgewater, Somerset by mere coincidence. It all started with some Enid Blyton Books, but ended with a great day out at an auction.

While doing our shift at Watchet harbour antiques and collectables, I got chatting to the “book man”. He had been trading in books for over £20 years, so I told him about some Enid Blyton books I had that I wanted to sell. I had been building up a small collection of what I thought were first edition Enid Blytons. He seemed interested in them, so I took them in for him to see the next time we saw him. He wasn’t interested in them because they were all in pretty bad condition. He did give me some advice. He told me to head on over the Tamlyns in Bridgewater and see if they would sell them for me. He had been at a few of their auctions and seen Enid Blyton books sell well there. On his recommendation, I took my books to Tamlyns to get their “book man’s” opinion. I left the books with them and thought nothing about them until we got a phone call from the auction asking whether I wanted them included in the next sale. I responded to them later than I should have, hence my books were put into the June antique and collectables sale instead of the May one. While handing over my books, the lady did mention Flog It were going to be there in the future, but I assumed my items would be in a different sale. It wasn’t until I research the Flog It filming dates, that I realised that the June auction would probably be when they would be filming.

Enid Blyton Books
My Enid Blyton Books I Put Up for Sale


It was on the morning of the sale, that we finally knew for sure that they would be there. We had decided that we would get there early to get a good chance to look at some of the items we were interested in buying. Even though I was selling an item at the auction, it didn’t stop us buying items to sell on later too. We got to the auction and bought a catalogue, and then proceeded into their sale room. We were greeted by paper notes everywhere telling those attending that Flog It were in residence, where you could stand if didn’t want to be filmed, and who to talk to if you had any concerns. Me and my dad looked around the auction’s lots and ticked off some items were interested in buying. A few items were researched the night before, but were in poor condition so were crossed off, while other items we hadn’t noticed were suddenly the lots we wanted the most. After coming downstairs from the second viewing room, we walked back into the main auction room to see it full of camera men and women with plenty of other stuff set up too. I was keeping an eye out for the stars of the show. My dad obviously wasn’t, as he walked right past Paul Martin without even noticing. With presenter Paul Martin already there, the question was who would be the experts? I was hoping for some of the ‘better’ experts that appear on other shows too. Thankfully we did get an A team. Thomas Plant, James Lewis, and Elizabeth Talbot all arrived ready to film. As someone who watches a lot of antique programmes, these people are proper celebs to me and probably to a lot of OAPs too. It was surreal standing in an auction with some of the best in the business there as well. To top it all off, the auctioneer was BBC expert Claire Rawle. I knew I was in for an unforgettable auction experience that day.

flog it experts

The filming started before the auction, with Paul Martin doing a lot of presenting segments in and outside the auction. Once the auction started Paul, the member of the public selling their item, and their respective expert all got ready to talk about their item before it went under the hammer. There were four cameras being used that day. One to film the auctioneer and the back of the bidders, one to film the bidders and those bidding, one to film the presenters and experts talking with the seller, and one more camera to film the internet bids coming through. As you can imagine the auction was a hive of activity with the cameras, experts, and members of the BBC crew milling around. Claire got the auction underway by selling the first lots. My dad had marked down a vintage railway lot he wanted to buy. Considering our pitch in Watchet is about 100 yards from the Somerset railway, we like to buy up as much vintage railway stuff as we can if the price is right. We had this marked down from the night before, and after looking at it, were pleased to bid on it. It turned out it was one of the Flog It lots! the gentleman whose item it was was chatting with Paul and James about his stuff. As my dad was bidding the cameras were fixed on him. Once the item had been sold, I could overhear Paul Martin saying that my dad must have been a railway enthusiast. Sorry to disappoint, but it was only to sell on, Paul. After the item had been sold, a BBC assistant came over to my Dad to take down his details, and ask him whether he didn’t mind appearing on telly. I was standing right behind my dad so I will be on telly too. To be honest we were stood right in the filming area for most of the day, so we will probably be there throughout the whole show.

Flog It production Flog It Camera Flog It Set Up

The auction carried on like nothing interesting was happening. Everyone got on with what they had to do without disrupting the flow. Every 20 or so items it was a Flog It lot. It was easy to know that the items were for the show, first of all the production assistants would write down the lot numbers on a post it to put in front of the camera to help with editing, Paul and the expert would start talking, and the Flog It items, expect the one we bought, were much better quality and much more valuable than all the other lots. It was weird hearing Paul Martin talking behind me. Without thinking I would have thought it was just a TV tuned into BBC 2. I think the BBC were making at least 2 shows if not 3 from the footage they were shooting that day. With the three experts there, they had to make it worth their while coming down to do it. The thing that impressed me the most was the sheer professionalism of Paul Martin the presenter. He had to do so many shots and takes, and yet he never got cross, angry, or upset. He genuinely seemed happy to be there and pleased he had the opportunity to do the show, and didn’t want to mess it up. He had to do the same take over and over again at least 10 times and he didn’t swear or curse once. I can’t think of many other presenters who could do that.

Flog It Paul Martin

All the cast and crew were so friendly. There was one lad who had drawn a picture of Paul. Paul seemed really pleased to see the picture and chatted with him about it and the lad’s love of antiques. James Lewis also spoke with him for a good while about coins and collectables. It was a great atmosphere during the whole auction. Because my books were almost at the end of the auction, we were in the building for a long time. It had got quite hot inside, so we decided to go outside and get some fresh air to cool down. This was also around the same time all the BBC lot were leaving. I saw James Lewis leaving a commission bid on an item and also paying for one he had already bought. Sneaky James. It was good fortune that Tom and James came out at once and I was able to ask for a picture. They were both very friendly and probably though I was a bid odd to want a photo. As I said earlier, these guys are on the same level to me as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Well not quite the same level, but to be honest I would be happier with a picture of two antiques dealers than two pop stars. I really enjoyed the day with some famous faces milling about. A fun time for any wannabe dealer.

Thomas Plant James Lewis

My books did sell eventually, but I’ll tell you more about them later. Spoiler alert, they sold badly. I will also provide you with some info on what we bought from that auction. When the show airs on BBC I will be sure to let you guys know.